With Banks moving towards a more impersonal, and expensive, product offering, they have opened the door for personalized service driven solutions to be offered at a much more competitive rate. With this in mind, we have established FCTC (Pty) Ltd to focus on providing our customers with a good old fashioned relationship driven approach to their financial needs.

In order to provide the best possible solution, FCTC (Pty) Ltd have partnered with various well-established players in the financial services market. With our in-house electronic solution we are able to co-ordinate all these services to provide the best possible solutions.

Our Target Market
While we can provide the same solutions as any bank would be able to do, we focus specifically on areas where the banks are not able to provide an adequate solution to individuals and small commercial clients. The banks are historically very good at looking after large commercial clients. At the same time they are making a big margin on the smaller businesses and individuals.

We are not a bank and our focus is only to provide more compatible solutions where the need might arise. Since we act as intermediaries, it is not our intention to replace existing banking relationships.




Our Solution
With each potential customer we would do a full needs analysis to ensure that the solutions we offer would in fact be of benefit to them. It is not our aim to sell products, we aim to provide customers with piece of mind that they have the best possible solution in place.




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